To all of us who call ourselves “Christians”, no matter what title we may hold, in conversation, do we dominate by sharing, “all about us”, what we are going through, why does it always happen to me, why why, what did I do to deserve this? Sound familiar. Should a family or others suffer a tragedy, struggles and hardships that we go to church with and we haven’t seen them in two or three weeks or maybe even months, do we even miss them or wonder where they are and if everything is alright, take time to call or visit or maybe even send a card!! Maybe a friend, relative, or an acquaintance landed a new job, got a new house or car, got a big promotion for their faithfulness, opened their own business, published a new book or earned a part in a movie, whatever it may be, are we truly and genuinely happy for them, tell them how excited we are for them, send them encouragement and praises, share their accomplishments with others, brag on them, OR do we silently cringe and have envy and jealously deep in our hearts that we don’t even realize we have, do we not to respond to their accomplishments and brag on them, something to really think about, wouldn’t we say!! Let me share something, first of all, there is nothing on this earth that we will ever go through and suffer that will even begin to compare with what our Sweet Jesus did for us when He hung on that tree at Calvary.
LOVE finds a way to minister to all and realize it is not all about us!! TRUE LOVE found a way to the Cross, for all of us, even those who feel, I am the only one who has suffered. Think again my friend. JESUS CHRIST paid the price for all of us. OK!! Life is not all about us, it is about HIM, not you, me or anybody else, ONLY JESUS CHRIST. Secondly, search deep within the heart to truly know how we feel. When JESUS CHRIST is the lover of our souls, HIS LOVE through us will find a way to love unconditionally and realize what is deep inside of our hearts and also realize life is not about us, no matter who we are or what title we may hold. In God’s eyes. there are no respect of persons, His love finds a way because God is love. Therefore, if we are struggling to love as God loves, ask God to search the heart. After all, He already knows the intent of every heart and nothing is hidden from HIM. Allow His love to find a way today. Proverbs 3:27 says, “Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.”