Charlotte’s Book

I Still Have It All

In this emotional Christian memoir, Charlotte Christmas Baxley recounts her life and the obstacles that have made her stronger, reinforced by God’s love and protection. He was always looking out for her, and she discovered that she was destined to walk the path He created, although it is not a path clear of rocks and hurdles.

From the tragic loss of her father at the tender age of two, leaving her mother to care for her and three of her eight older siblings who were still at home, to watching her home burn to ashes as a mother herself, Charlotte Christmas Baxley offers a look at the moment she saw God’s hands in her life, even if His purpose was not immediately clear. It is only when she looked back that she saw His light amidst the blackening skies of the storms in her life. He was there when no one else was, and His strength was fortifying.

For those out on a limb, for those who feel all alone, Charlotte Christmas Baxley invites you to reach out for the hand that will never let go. Earthly friends can be fleeting, the ones who should defend you can fall to betrayal, but God’s love is unwavering.