In this wonderful and glorious time of the year, I was reminded today of not only are we to give thanks and praises to our King Jesus this time of the year, but we are to continually sing His praises and seek His face. As I read 1 Chronicles 16:6-36, David appointed regular singers and musicians to minster before the ark, to compose and to give thanks and praises to God. They ministered continually, morning and evening, from this time on during all the life of David. As I pondered on this, it reminded me of what a glorious time that must have been. It also reminded me that in the midst of all the sickness, drama, tragic, strife, meddling, backbiting, finances, family issues and many other obstacles and challenges in our lives, how glorious it would be if there was continual praise and glory to our King Jesus, regardless of what is going on or what the circumstances are, it wouldn’t leave time to focus on the bad. When Jesus Christ is first place in our lives, the scripture tells us to give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name, make known His deeds, sing unto Him, sing Psalms unto Him, talk of all His wondrous works, glory in His name, let the heart rejoice in Him, seek the Lord, His strength, seek His face, continually(verse 11), remember His marvelous works, His wonders, the judgments of His mouth, be mindful of His covenant and the word which He commanded to a thousand generations. Glory and honour are in His presence, strength and gladness in His place. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. His mercy endureth for ever. HALLELUJAH!!!
As we are getting ready to usher into a new year, be challenged to continually give thanks to our great Lord in everything, sing His praises, day and night and continually seek His face and be blessed forever and ever. The greatest gift that could ever be received now and forever, is the gift of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit living in the hearts of all. It is there that peace and contentment will be found.
Celebrate King Jesus now and forever. He is the reason for the season.